Cloud migration of "Mission Critical" SAP systems

The customer, for whom we have developed this project, is an integral part of the economic, social and productive fabric of the country and represents a unique reality in Italy in terms of size, recognition, capillarity and trust. In addition to this, it is a large company in the logistics sector and is a leader in the financial, insurance and payment services sectors. It has entered into important agreements with important customers such as Amazon, with the public administration and, last but not least, is involved in the distribution of anti Covid-19 vaccines throughout the national territory.

The SAP Azure cloud technology, which has been adopted, allows the customer to manage and analyze large volumes of data and over 30 systems in real time.

The services provided are divided for the most part into:

- parcel correspondence and distribution
- digital and mobile payments
- financial and insurance products
- digital services

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The customer's goal was to migrate all of their on-premises services to cloud services. Our challenge was to provide the cloud service requested to a major customer who had a large amount of data and services, making use of new technologies and platforms.

The SAP Azure cloud solution was the right answer for the customer's needs.

Our solutions are based on database management, infrastructure optimization and monitoring, security and access tracking but also on the scheduling of reports and programs of the systems that make up the IT park.

A strong point that characterizes us is the ability to always be ready to provide the customer with immediate solutions, in the event of partial or total unavailability of the systems that provide the service throughout the national territory, both for post offices and for web applications. .
The service is guaranteed H24 with on-call shifts that are added to normal daily operations.

By exploiting the new technologies and platforms proposed, we have implemented an infrastructural change by converting i systems from “on Awards"To" on cloud "and using the SAP A platformzure and migrating most of the systems SAP on the Cloud platform.
The project was initially based on the feasibility study of the migration, to then collect the necessary information and work in contact with the customer and with a team of 15 people to exchange ideas and experiences and identify the best architectural solution. 

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