SPID application management, chatbot and parcel logistics

In recent years we have seen a considerable increase in the products and services offered, dedicated to both business and private customers.
Consequently, the Service Operation Management structure also found itself facing an increasing and heterogeneous number of challenges.
The offers range from digital identity, to chatbot services up to services related to parcel logistics.
Starting from the challenges that are posed to us for each project, we identify the best solution in order to achieve the expected results.

In this case, the customer's need to accelerate the response times of open tickets has materialized in the management of requests and constant monitoring, which has led to an exponential increase in the tickets processed and consequent customer satisfaction.

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"The goal was to accelerate response times, the implemented solution brought optimal service levels proven by customer satisfaction"
  • Total Tickets
  • Closed Tickets
  • Active Tickets

Each product requires the specific study of flows and basic functional knowledge. The main activities are the checks on the outcome of production activities, the analysis and recovery of processing waste, as well as the comparison with the other Operations structures, to identify and resolve any anomalies and inefficiencies.

The solution adopted takes the form of managing requests for intervention, aiming at solving problems in the shortest possible time and making adequate skills and resources available to the structure.

A strong point of our group is the ability to quickly acquire knowledge adequate to the diversified intervention requests deriving from the numerous go-lives.

The tools at our disposal are the documentation provided by the customer, the direct exchange of information with the other structures of Operations, the development groups involved and the official SAP and Microsoft certifications.

Our team is found to respond to requests related to problems of various kinds such as:

  • Wrong user operation
  • Flow anomalies due to data integration between the affected systems
  • Support to the development team aimed at the identification and immediate resolution of the problem

Thanks to the daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of the volume of processed tickets, we are able to understand and fill our gaps in the shortest possible time, especially in terms of the expected level of service.

In the graph above we can see how in recent months the number of tickets has increased exponentially and, at the same time, our ability to intervene has been up to the requirements, obtaining optimal SLA levels, proven by the satisfaction of our customer.

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