Ivan Mavilla
"The greatest discovery of our generations is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitude."
Calvin Coolidge

IvanSAP Application Consultant

I'm Ivan, I'm 30 years old and I'm Sicilian, I'm particularly attached to my land, its flavors and its traditions. Since I was little, curiosity has been one of my characteristics: I have always been fascinated by knowing and learning new things. I completed my studies in my city, Messina, where I graduated in economics, consultancy and business management. In addition to studying, I dedicated a lot of time to sport, in particular football which is still my greatest passion. I am a determined person, sometimes even stubborn, I like to always raise the bar, setting new goals to achieve. I love challenges and I love being in a group.

Having graduated in the middle of the pandemic, in a period in which finding work seemed impossible, I decided to take advantage of the time "locked up" at home by attending a SAP training course: an unknown world opened up to me! And thanks to this course, in March 2021, my path crosses that of P&A. The company offers me the opportunity for a new personal and work challenge; Honestly, I had never worked in the IT field, even though the idea particularly fascinated me, so I didn't miss the opportunity. I was placed on an internship and initially I was followed 24 hours a day by more experienced colleagues who patiently guided me on the various activities to be carried out. Given the particular period, the training activity took place completely remotely, but this did not affect the effectiveness in the slightest, it was a fundamental period for my growth.

I currently hold the position of Sap Consultant in the P&A Applications team, and I am responsible for managing Customer Relationship Management on behalf of an important national client. Thanks to teamwork, we make our skills available to analyze and resolve various problems on the various services, paying particular attention to integration problems between systems. What I like about my job is definitely the dynamic and constantly evolving environment, there is no possibility of getting bored! Every day we face new problems, never seen before, and in a short time we have to find a solution to overcome them: it's a challenge with ourselves! Every day is a new discovery and you learn something more.

"I define P&A as a young, innovative, dynamic company that looks to the future proactively, is capable of adapting to changes and offers customers timely, quality solutions. The strength of this great team lies in the people who make it up and above all in the relationships that are established between them, because the value of a team is much more than the sum of the individuals."

Previously I have held other jobs in different and, as far as I'm concerned, not very engaging fields. Compared to past work experiences, P&A made me enthusiastic about my work and allowed me to measure and develop my skills directly in the field. What allowed me to grow the most was immediately feeling confidence in my abilities, the company believed in me and my potential. I would add that working in a team, constantly comparing myself with colleagues, has allowed me to grow further not only from a professional but also a human point of view.

I remember that when I left I left Sicily with nostalgia and a hint of fear, but in hindsight I can say that in P&A I found my second family. I believe that nowadays working in a healthy and harmonious environment, with people who always make you feel at ease, is a great fortune. I met many new guys, each with his own story and for most of these the term colleague seems reductive to me. By spending so much time together it is inevitable that the simple working relationship turns into something more: today I can say that I have created real bonds of friendship that go beyond working hours.

In my free time I like to keep fit, I love sport in general, but my greatest passion is football, which I define as my "drug". At 4 years old I kicked a ball for the first time and from there I fell in love with it. I spent my adolescence playing on the fields of half of Italy and I still play in an amateur team as a hobby. I believe that football has taught me many things, such as respect for the rules, roles, the spirit of sacrifice, the sense of responsibility and above all I learned from an early age to be in a group.
I really like traveling to discover different places and cultures, I often manage to combine the 2 passions by trekking or traveling to major sporting events.

My source of inspiration are my parents who, with a lot of work and sacrifices, allowed me to study and achieve my goals. Without them I wouldn't be the person I am today. They taught me the true values ​​of life and for this I will never stop thanking them.
From a professional point of view, however, I have never had a model to follow because I believe that the beauty of this world lies in the fact that we all have different and unique characteristics. In my own small way I try to learn more and more, making the secrets of the trade my own that I manage to steal here and there.

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