SAP solutions


As professionals and specialized in various SAP solutions we are able to offer the customer the best way to achieve the set business objectives.

Through the implemented SAP solutions we cover various services in the following three areas:

- application solutions
- development
- technological consultancy

"We implement complex architectures, we provide constant support"
Development Consulting Manager

With consulting services we accompany our customers throughout the process of adopting SAP solutions.
Through an in-depth knowledge of business processes, we define together with the customers the objectives of the business processes to be implemented and propose the most effective SAP solutions to achieve the expected results.
The realization of ERP solutions is only part of the adoption process; that is why, upon completion of the project, we continue to work with our customers, to plan together the necessary evolutions identified.
The experiences gained on various large and medium-sized companies, in sectors ranging from public to private, allow us to offer our customers innovative solutions that intercept new needs. This is because we believe that technology must be an accelerator to support companies to meet the flexibility and speed of reaction necessary to be competitive in the market.
Our competence is recognized daily by our customers, who increasingly consider us as partners for the realization of their projects.

Our consultants are experts in the design and development of software, in the implementation and support of innovative solutions for the construction of complex architectures.
Together with our customers, we develop extensions and applications using the most modern agile development methodologies and the most appropriate languages ​​for the solutions to be implemented (ABAP, Java, WEB…) in Cloud, On Premise and Hybrid.
By using the DevOps paradigm, we guarantee scalability, flexibility and efficiency to our projects, helping companies to respond quickly to business requests with quality, flexibility and innovation.

Following the definition of the development scenario, based on the needs and business processes of the customer, we implement the most appropriate solution and we continue to follow the project even after implementation.
This is done through our consultancy, test planning and coordination, review of additions and developments.
As trusted advisors we remain close to our clients, also in order to intervene on technical matters that require immediate support.

We offer services to create or extend applications, processes and interfaces for the use of business solutions:

- Simplification of cloud process integration
- “Agile” development of processes and tasks automation
- Data and process integration
- Mobile access to business functions

Experts and professionals of on-premise and cloud technological architectures, we know the complexity of running complex systems on which corporate business flows depend. These systems require constant and proactive management and maintenance, in order to prevent possible accidents and problems that could interrupt the provision of services to the business. We allow our customers to have up-to-date, safe, healthy and performing systems.
We have many years of experience in the design, implementation and evolutionary maintenance of systems at large and medium-sized companies in the public and private sector.
Customers are increasingly turning to us to guide them in the complex process of digital transformation. The new trend known as “Industry 4.0” pushes towards the integration between industrial automation and a multitude of new technologies in the IT field to create new business models and increase the productivity and quality of plants.
In this scenario, the Technology Consulting business unit represents a key partner for its customers, able to follow the entire process of technological transformation from preliminary study to go-live.

Our customers

business services
Financial Services
Consumer Products
Transport & Logistics

Why P&A Solutions?

Effectiveness in problem management

Our problem solving approach digs deep to find root causes and quickly identify stable and achievable solutions.

Maximum availability in assisting customers

Our consultants are highly customer oriented. We offer maximum availability in the face of emergencies to minimize the impact on the business.

Expertise in creating solutions

We specialize in custom designing, developing innovative architectures and business continuity solutions in cloud and on-premise environments.

Best practices

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