SAP Strategy


We implement SAP Strategy services to optimize business processes, introduce companies to digital transformation as well as developing the best architectures for the customer.

"We help our customers build their smart enterprise"
Technology Consulting Manager

Thanks to the support of a team of highly qualified professionals, all processes will be analyzed, optimized and integrated with the best and most up-to-date standard procedures, with the aim of making the company's business more effective.
The Application Consulting team follows numerous companies and has already studied various reorganization interventions for them, proposing a specific modification plan to support the objectives that the company intends to achieve.

With our customers, we identify the most suitable digital transformation roadmap, design and dimension the software architectures and the necessary hardware infrastructures, up to their installation and implementation, we plan and carry out the conversion of systems to new generation applications.
Among the topics of greatest interest are on-premise versus cloud integration (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) in hybrid infrastructures, connectivity between data centers geographically located around the world, performance, security, high reliability and disaster recovery aimed at achieving solid business continuity.

The architectures of SAP and non-SAP systems can vary significantly depending on the workloads they have to manage, the amount of business data contained within them, and the level of integration required with external systems. Depending on the scenario, we design the architecture that best meets our customer's requirements, and together with him we size the necessary infrastructure by choosing between on-premise, on-cloud or hybrid solutions, also depending on the budget at his disposal.
For IaaS cloud solutions (Infrastructure as a Service) we are able to size the infrastructure with the main cloud vendors: Amazon WebService, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

The security of the systems is crucial for us, which is why we provide the customer with continuous advice in order to intervene promptly where and when necessary.

Our customers

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Why P&A Solutions?

Effectiveness in problem management

Our approach to solving problems goes to the bottom of the root causes, quickly identifying stable and achievable solutions.

Maximum availability in assisting customers

Our consultants are highly customer oriented. We offer maximum availability in the face of emergencies to minimize the impact on the business.

Expertise in creating solutions

We specialize in custom designing, developing complex architectures and business continuity solutions in cloud and on-premise environments.

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