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In-company trainingGrow in P&A Solutions with SAP courses

At P&A we strongly believe that the training of our consultants is the basis of quality work.

The dynamic and continuously developing sector in which we operate pushes us to never stop and to keep up to date on the latest technologies and news on the market.

For this reason, we encourage people in the company to never look down, never be satisfied and always aim high. We dedicate time and resources to ensure that all employees in P&A continuously grow, increasing the skills of the individual and consequently those of the whole team.

Our aim?

Leading new hires to obtain the most important certifications within the first years of working in the company, creating a solid basis of knowledge. We then continue to invest in their growth, offering refresher courses and simulation activities in laboratories that can be configured for specific case studies.

This allows us to accelerate the growth of people and increase skills. Furthermore, the possibility of testing the work allows us to approach projects that are ready and aware of what we are implementing, increasing the quality of the final result and customer satisfaction.

Among the courses we offer to our employees in order to grow and improve, we find the SAP Academy courses to deepen the technical characteristics of the main services offered by P&A Solutions.

SAP Academy courses

Academy SAP Technology was created to build the foundations of a SAP Basis consultant. It is organized in periodic meetings with expert profiles who illustrate the details and potential of SAP architectures. The lessons are integrated with laboratories that simulate ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities. The main topics covered are: SAP Systems Architecture, Transport Management System (TMS), Database Administration, Installation & Upgrade, SAP Fiori Administration.

Designed to approach the environment SAP Cloud and expand the knowledge of the services offered by SAP Business Technology Platform. The meetings focus on the main scenarios of the BTP, necessary to help  our customers in facing new challenges and accelerating the  move to the cloud.

The training process of the SAP Development Academy is structured with theoretical insights and practical exercises. The aim is to raise the technical specialist skills of the participants in the programming and development with ABAP language, useful to realize innovative solutions and complex architectures. The functionalities of the ABAP Workbench and the management of programs, interfaces, printouts, standard modification and development of Web applications are being studied. 

The training courses introduce the essential concepts on the main ones SAP modules: Finance, Sales and Distribution, Material Management and Controlling. The meetings illustrate the business processes and are supported by laboratory activities, to simulate Business Cases and accelerate the growth process.

Why SAP?

SAP is the largest multinational company for the production of management software.
World leader in ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and business software solutions.
In particular, SAP ERP allows you to better manage the various business areas from accounting, to administration, to logistics and management control.

In the current economic reality, interactivity between areas and departments is essential to manage a business with greater effectiveness, reducing  the timings.
SAP continues to record significant growth, especially in the Cloud with an increase of + 28% in the last quarter of 2021.
It is no coincidence that today it is the most widespread management program with over 195.000 customers worldwide.

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